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March 21, 2015 is our 1st anniversary!


With but a blink of an eye our first year as “The New Corning RV Park” has all but come to completion. With so much work and activity this past year it is hard to believe that we are going to be celebrating our 1st anniversary! So if you have not had an opportunity to stop in and visit us please do. And of course, we welcome the return of all our new friends!

Breaking News! A new well pump…


As the drought continues and the hot summer demands more water, the water table here at the park has dropped some 35′ since March. This has caused several problems for the park forcing us to commit to making changes to our well water delivery system…replace the 30 year old pump and lower the new pump to 200′. We ask all to be mindful of water usage and to pray for rain.

Winter Approaches: Will it bring rain?


As the temperature begins to drop providing much relief from the blistering heat of summer, we all are hoping for a wet winter to provide relief from the drought. With increased rain comes green! Green is the parks favorite color reflecting the beauty of our lush lawns. Please remember, wet lawns are soft lawns that damage easily so please take care and we wish all a happy fall!

December brings the first BIG rains!


So the question has been answered. The rains have arrived and and with it the threat of flooding! The first torrential rain storm has our drainage system struggling to keep up. Row by row the waters rise to the point that some have reported seeing Noah! We hope that we get a few breaks in the rain to give the waters time to recede. May the drought be over and our reservoirs filled back up!