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Deep Tissue


Deep Tissue Massage: 60 Min – $120

Deep Tissue massage defuses tension from the body by the use of slow strokes that are deep alongside appropriate finger pressure on the affected areas. The pattern involves moving across the surface of the muscle tissues as well as the fascia and muscles. The focus is on the core of the muscles thus the name Deep Tissue massage. This type of massage enhances blood flow, reduces muscles spasms, improves mobility and minimizes pain.

At our spa, we will ensure that your experience is sublime and effective. This massage will ensure an improvement in your overall health.

Most athletes consider Deep Tissue massage as part of their training routine, similar to those that have white collar jobs. The similarity occurs when muscles get tensed up and stiff. This massage reduces tension and pain especially in the regions of the neck, shoulder, back, legs, among others.

Why Consider Our Spa for Deep Tissue Massage?

Our massage specialists will meet your every need and expectations by applying pressure in the right areas to ensure immediate relief through the appropriate massage technique. It’s what makes our spa services matchless. Our every massage is specialized to focus on every individual’s requirements to achieve the desired results.

If you require Deep Tissue massage frequently due to stress or pain, our package delivers an affordable and effective method to ensure your well being. Our spa specialists can incorporate other forms of therapy in a customized massage.

Advantages of Deep Tissue Massage:

  • Restores muscles tissues to original health
  • Enhances mobility and body movement
  • Eliminates muscle cramps
  • Provides pain relief
  • Clears blockages responsible for muscle pain and tightness
  • Loosens muscles that are out of shape