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Hot Stone


Hot Stone Massage: 60 Min – $130

Hot stone massage has been used in body relaxation and cleansing for centuries. It helps in metabolism, enhances circulation, reduces muscle stiffness and diminishes tension in the body.

Why Choose Our Spa?

Our spa uses stones derived from basalt lava that has high levels of minerals that are utilized in extensive energy work and relaxation massage through heating. Hot stone massage is recommended for all especially those with chronic pain and arthritis. We use the heated stones to massage your body with limited pressure.

One session of our hot stone massage gives you relief and improves muscle relaxation. We carefully place the stones, heated by water on particular points of your body. Consequently, your whole body becomes gradually relaxed. The heat generated from the basalt stones enables our spa specialist to gain access to the deeper layers of the muscles.

The heating effect from the hot stones coupled with a body massage proves efficient and heals the body in the shortest time possible. Blood vessels are expanded leading to enhanced blood flow in the body. Excess energy is drawn from hyperactive areas and transferred to those where there has been energy depletion in the body. Our approach ensures deep relaxation, reduced stress, and relief from chronic pain.

We also employ the use of white marble stones that have been chilled before application on the body to create a balance in reducing pain while enhancing the effect of relaxation on stressed muscles.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage:

  • Tension and pain relief caused by stiff and strained muscles
  • Pain relief that arises due to arthritis and a host of injuries
  • Enhanced movement in the joints for better mobility
  • Reduces muscle spasms and associated pain
  • Eases tension and chronic stress in the mind and body