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Moroccan Bath for the Health Conscious – Let Dirt and Stress Slip Away

The Moroccan Bath also known as the “Hamam Maghrabi” is a rejuvenating age old bathing tradition of the Middle East. It’s still popular now due to its anti-aging and amazing skin-healing properties.

Why Consider a Moroccan Bath?

Your skin typically experiences a process of constant shedding and regeneration. However, as you grow old this process reduces down and dead skin cells pile up on your body and face. It results in jamming your skin pores, forming up toxins in the skin, and the result – an aged appearance. Getting rid of the dead skin cells through traditional baths like the Moroccan bath, spurs up cell rebuilding and promotes blood flow to assist you in achieving youthful-looking skin and stops early maturing.

Hammam Retreat & Spa has translated this antique bath tradition into a modern, relaxing experience. Our Hammam is a contemporary homage to the sensual, age-old practice of body purification and mind relaxation.