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Why Consider Reflexology?

We value your well-being. Happiness is paramount objective and it defines itself in the mental, physical and emotional state of our clients. Our services are geared towards assisting our clients achieve the same. Our treatments comfort your soul, mind and body while getting rid of the daily stress that you experience.

Our Reflexology therapy is a foot massage that works by stimulating the foot reflexes. These reflexes are linked to every part of your body and when all the nerves in your feet are stimulated, stress is relieved, your body is detoxified, balance improves, blood flow enhances and pain reduces.


Rely on Our Reflexologists

Our well-trained reflexologists take you through a reflexology session bringing your body back into balance through a well deserved rest. This process causes you to be more relaxed while restoring the normal functions that are required for your wellness.

Our spa specialists will take you through a reflexology session starting by soaking your feet, followed by treatment and finally a foot massage. On conclusion of the session, your whole body will feel refreshed and relaxed. You will be able to resume your normal activities, however grueling they may be.

We ensure that there is overall improvement in your whole body by getting a thorough rubdown on your feet. It enhances circulation while leaving you relaxed. Reflexology also minimizes muscle tension while making you more flexible while improving your body tone. The best results are derived through regular sessions of reflexology, especially where you find yourself in stressful situations for a better part of the day. As such, more sessions help you maintain a better condition.

Benefits of Reflexology:

  • Enhances the effects of other therapies
  • Reduces stress levels through relaxation
  • Improves metabolism using natural method
  • Improves blood flow while detoxifying the body