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Relaxation Massage: 60 Min – $90

High stress leads to the production of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress. It leads to digestive problems, headaches, and even sleeplessness. The relaxation massage mitigates this condition. It is the most popular because of the curative effects it has on the body. Our massage spa specialists apply light or medium strokes that are long and fluid to the tissues and muscles. This massage ensures that the body relaxes and our spa specialists will exert pressure according to your liking and sensitivity. You will get exactly what you require time and again.


Why Visit Our Spa for Relaxation Therapy?

Our relaxation therapy is tailored to provide rest and recovery to the body. Your body remains relaxed hours after the therapy has been administered. The brain produces chemicals that improve your mood, lower the stress levels, and allow the body to relax for longer periods. We provide you with an effective therapy that allows you to remain in good health every day of your life.

We offer several relaxation massages with methods that enhance the relaxation process. The wellness program is thus enhanced by this type of therapy. Other advantages of our relaxation massage therapy include an improved mental state, enhanced physical condition, increased levels of energy and a reduction in pain. Our massage sessions are customized to cater for your particular needs.

Advantages of Better Relaxation:

  • Improved thinking process and calmness
  • Better mental attitude
  • Enhanced mental awareness
  • Increased ability to soak in mental pressure
  • Strengthened constructing thinking