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Therapeutic Massage: 60Min – $110

We provide the best therapeutic massage in our spa. Therapeutic massage specializes in therapy that is both restorative and result-oriented. We aim to assist our guests reduce stress, recover from injury and eliminate pain while applying expertise that focuses on enhancing the quality of life and relaxing the mind. Ours is to guide you on the path to wellness.

The foundation of therapeutic massage has its origins that date back centuries. The effectiveness of this massage is achieved through modern advancements in its approach to help you relax and calm your nerves while reducing your stress levels. The body gets invigorated using holistic and natural methods. Therapeutic Massage assists in curing conditions that medication cannot all by itself. A combination of the two approaches will ensure that you get the best results all the time.


What Makes Our Spa Special for Therapeutic Massage?

Our therapeutic massage offers endless benefits. The latest scientific research and progress indicates that using massage therapy alongside your general wellness program improves your health significantly. A number of therapeutic massage therapies have been developed over the years that employ specific methods like Hot Stone Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Swedish Massage to mention but a few.

Our spa specialists incorporate the use of lotion or oil along with long strokes coupled with pressure application centered around the area of focus to meet every individual’s needs. Every one of our spa specialists is highly skilled and specialize in certain focus points on your body.

When you visit our spa, we embolden you to provide us with information regarding your specific therapeutic requirements. It allows us to develop a customized massage program that is effective and sets you on the path to recovery in the shortest period. A combination of modern and traditional approach ensures that you will only get the best therapy at our spa during your visit.