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Turkish Bath – Foaming Up the Turkish Way


The Turkish Bath is also known as the “Turkish Hammam”, it is the Middle-Eastern variant of the Roman Bath, Sauna, Steam bath or the Russian banya that focuses clean, fresh water rather than ambient steam.


Why Consider a Turkish Bath?

Your body has the natural ability to replenish itself from skin shedding and uncomfortable physiological reactions. However, as you grow old and as you are subjected to more mental pressure, the process of skin regeneration and recovering from mental stress reduces. It results in piling up of dead skin cells on your face and the entire body as well as physiological problems. The piling up of dead skin cells block your skin pores leading to accumulation of toxins causing fast aging.

Traditional baths like the Turkish Hammam helps you to get rid of dead skin cells easily. Moreover, this bath speeds up cell regeneration and enhances good blood flow that enables you to acquire a youthful skin look and avoid early aging.

Our Turkish bath is indeed a homage to the ancient mind relaxation and purification practice.


Our Turkish Bath Consists of:

  • Sauna with the temperatures touching up to 50 degrees makes you sweat gradually
  • After which, you can slip into relaxation with your body covered in a warm soapy water foam for exfoliation
  • This unblocks your pores and help your skin to get ready for dead skin elimination by rinsing after scrubbing with high-quality gloves
  • It is finally followed by a soap wash, cold water rinsing and then directed to a relaxation room

Our contemporary Turkish bath is very effective for both physical and physiological refreshment. This is because our entire process is designed to ensure that you fully relax as we wash away layers of dead skin that you might not have realized you had. Once you visit our Spa, your skin remains visibly lustrous with life.

You don’t need to travel to the Middle East to enjoy the benefits of the Turkish bath. You can instead get prepared for an exhilarating experience as we subject your body to an actual Turkish bath experience at our Hammam Retreat & Spa.

It’s time you pampered your body with an exhilarating experience!