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Hammam Membership

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About the Hammam Membership

The Hammam membership provides an easy way to get all your needed treatments in a year for one low monthly cost!

It’s recommended to have a hammam treatment about once every 3 months, so we include up to 4 treatments in the membership per year. In addition, get 10% off our regular priced services as well!

Curious and want to try hammam first? Book a session today, and if you aren’t satisfied, get 50% off your treatment!

Membership Details

When you sign up for a 12 month membership, book up to 4 hammam experiences of your choice (either Turkish or Moroccan) AND get 10% off our regular priced services such as waxing and facial treatments! You can schedule the hammam treatments for any time during the 12 month period, to a maximum of 1 per month and is subject to our booking availability. The included hammam treatments can be shared by more than one person, as long as the booking is made by the account holder.

Cancellation policy: if you wish to cancel your membership early, we require at least 7 days notice before the next payment date. We do not offer refunds for membership payments already made. If you have received one or more Hammam treatments before you cancel, we will charge the total regular full price of the treatments ($169 per session) minus any membership payments you have made. For example, if you have received one treatment ($169 reg.), but have only paid one month’s membership ($49), we will charge the difference ($169 – $49 = $120). If you have not redeemed 4 Hammam sessions in the 12 month period, the treatments do not roll over to the following 12 months.

Payments must be made with a credit card, either Visa or Mastercard.